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Anomaly Registration started back in 2015 as a simple way to replace the archaic registration process that the Resistance had adopted mostly in the United States with respect to getting agents vetted. In mid-2016 David decided to look for a new platform to host the site, mostly to get away from having to do server support as well as code support, and to find a new way to approach the problem as the process had changed significantly in the last 1.5 years. After getting a portion of this done (and providing more features) it was found that hosting on another platform would likely cost quite a bit more money, but have an overall positive effect on the usability of the website. In early 2017 Due to projected costs, David started a patreon campaign to help get assistance to pay for the cost to run the site. It is through David's funds and the funds of these generous patrons that the site is up and running.

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